I am a graphic designer, illustrator, videographer, UI designer, and motion graphics guy (quintuple threat!) outta the greater Detroit area (ie: Ferndale). I currently work as a UI/Graphic Designer at a tech company in Detroit. I recently completed my MFA at Cranbrook Academy of Art, and before that I received my BFA at Lawrence Tech in Southfield. Also somewhere in-between those two things I worked at a tradeshow company near Ann Arbor for 4 years as the head of their creative department. So over the years I’ve worked on things the size of postage stamps all the way up to 100ft exhibits. While all of that stuff has been going on I also do a lot of freelance work (my wife would say too much!).

I am dangerously obsessed with popular culture, and am currently trying to juggle far to many television shows — damn you Better Call Saul I’ll get to you soon! The parts of my brain that haven’t totally dissolved from this crippling addiction have channeled these obsessions into my work. I am inspired by the pop culture I inundate myself with and try to make work that is fun, funny, and subversive. I live in Ferndale with my wife, Rachel, and our cat, Chloe, I love her very much — and Rachel too (ba dum bum). I also make a lot of dad jokes apparently (see previous sentence).

If you are still reading this and want to check out my resume click here, just kidding, here.